On my 3-hour return drive home from a family New Year’s celebration with friends in Detroit, I downloaded an episode from one of my favorite podcasts, created by Tim Ferriss featuring Mike Maples. Mike offered a plethora of golden nuggets including why holding a grudge is a complete waste of life’s energies if our focus is to offer our unique gifts to improve the world. But the primary challenge faced by most of us on our life journey is in uncovering what our gifts actually are. Mike suggests that we don’t have a gift-finding problem but that our issue lies with caring too much about what other people think. We create an image of our life illustrated as a reflection of how others should see us rather than as a manifestation of us realizing and contributing our life’s passions to the world. As we build a false self-esteem from pleasing others we lose sight of our true purpose. For those interested in listening to the entire episode you can find it here:

The Man Who Taught Me How to Invest

– Andre